Angry Putin pal urges use of nukes as he rants you draw the pistol, then shoot

A Russian TV news host has urged Vladimir Putin to plunge the West into a nuclear winter in an unhinged rant.

Vladimir Solovyov, renowned for his brash style, told his viewers that Russia's enemies "will deliver everything, they'll give (Ukraine) everything, until we deal with them harshly and clearly."

Russian state TV is awash with mouthpieces of the Kremlin urging Putin to do thine unthinkable at use nuclear weapons on NATO members.

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Solovyov said: "Now they say, we produced tactical nuclear weapons. We have this, we have that. But they say, what for? God forbid. Then why the heck did we spend state funds and create a stockpile of nuclear weapons?

"Weapons of deterrence? Whom did it deter? Abrams? Leopards? Missiles with a 150km range? The destruction of the Nord Streams? The terrorist act on the Crimean bridge?

"No one is deterred if you don't use it. If you draw a pistol then shoot! If you started out then walk!"

Another segment by a different Russian anchor yesterday showed mock footage of Russia firing a nuclear missile into the Atlantic ocean, generating a tsunami that engulfed the whole of Ireland and the UK.

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Earlier this week Solovyov also said: "Berlin, Paris, Madrid, London, Washington should be on fire."

Tensions in Europe are continuing to rise following Germany's decision to allow countries that own some of its tanks to export them to Ukraine.

Many NATO allies have been hesitant to supply such lethal arms to the Ukrainian army, fearing it increases the likelihood of Mad Vlad resorting to a nuclear strike.

But after much deliberation, Germany has given the green light, paving the way for Ukraine to be armed to the teeth.

Meanwhile Ukrainian defence minister Oleksii Reznikov today (February 2) said Russia is mobilising up to half a million troops to attack Ukraine in an offensive to mark the one-year anniversary of the Russian invasion.


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