Arizona hiker dead after attempting to take scenic photo near mountains edge

A young hiker in Arizona was found dead after he fell from a trail along the Apache Junction, officials said.

The body of 21-year-old Richard Jacobson was found by another hiker at Lost Dutchman State Park on January 24.

According to officials, Jacobson slipped while attempting to take a photo near the trail’s edge.

“He slipped and fell,” said Pinal County Sheriff’s Office Sgt Doug Peoble, according to the report. “I can tell you that during our investigation, there [were] no signs of foul play. No signs of drug use whatsoever. It was just a very tragic accident.”

Another hiker and friend of Jacobson said his body was found 215m below the camping site.

“As you can imagine, he was very distraught. He was torn up pretty bad emotionally. We were able to get a helicopter to him,” Sgt Peoble added.

A rescue helicopter was sent out to help recover the body.

According to the hiker’s website, there have been several rock slides in the area, and one reviewer wrote that the trail is “not for the faint of heart”.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Andrew Thomas – a friend of Jacobson – said he “got along with everyone” and “treated everyone with respect”.

“He really was one of those guys that everyone loved, and it’s sad to lose him, but we know that it’s not the end,” said Thomas.

“We’re going to see him again … He was an outdoorsman, hunter, hiker. He did stuff like that, so I guess he did die doing what he loved to do, just in a tragic way.”

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