Baffled German shepherd can’t understand why baby won’t throw ball

People can form a close bond with their dogs from a very early age, with many children often growing up together with them in the family home.

But one German shepherd expected the ‘man’s best friend’ bond to start just a little too early, in a hilarious TikTok video that shows him attempting to play fetch with a tiny baby.

In the clip posted by@keepingupwiththekokals, the German shepherd called Brody is seen staring intensely at the ball that he’s placed at the baby’s feet, poised for the two-month-old to throw it any second.

“Brody, we have been over this,” the dog’s owner tells him, as the dog throws an exasperated look at the camera as if asking why his new friend won’t play with him.

“He’s too young!” his owner explains, and the unimpressed pup doesn’t look all too satisfied with the excuse.

“Sorry bud,” the video’s caption reads, “two months old is still too young to throw your toy”.

The amusing clip has been viewed over six million times, with people posting comments guessing at what Brody was thinking.

One TikTok user wrote: “Mom, it’s broken, please fix the baby, WE have already went over this!”

Another commented: “I don’t want excuses mom. I want results.”

A third joked, “At two months I was fetching, he needs to hurry up!”

Others called for the owner to post an update in a couple of years’ time, when the baby is old enough to finally throw the ball for Brody.

Brody isn't the only German shepherd to have hit the headlines of late.

This dog called Macadoo was irresistibly cute when he demonstrated how he "cycles" in mid-air during his tummy rubs.

In a Reddit post user u/yarrryarr shows their adorable Alsation called Macadoo lying on his owner's lap while being showered with affection.

While his belly is tickled, the dog puts his feet in the air and wiggles them around like he is riding a bike.

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Another German Shepherd had viewers chuckling at the bizarre way he greets his best pal.

The canine, called Cleo, does an unusually feline pose before having a play with his golden retriever friend.

Viewers were very amused by the bizarre greeting, with one user commenting: “I love when dogs become invisible to other dogs when they crouch down.”

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