Bank holiday long-range forecast: Britain to BAKE in 26C scorcher as heatwave to return

Temperatures in the UK will once again rise to 26C while low pressure dominates towards the end of the month, according to long-range forecasts. Weather charts reveal the current dip in temperatures will recover in time for the second bank holiday, allowing Brits to emerge from their homes to sunbathe.

Bank holiday long-range forecasts reveal the sharp dip in temperatures this week will recover, before sticking around until the end of May.

Currently, temperatures over much of the UK lie in the low single figures following a 26C first bank holiday on May 9, the hottest day of the year so far.

A rapid drop off on Sunday saw temperatures plummet by more than 10C, with temperatures of 11C throughout the day and into Monday.

Now, forecasters suggest weather trends will see them pick up once more, as an area of low pressure moves in.


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Met Office estimates state the south will enjoy wall-to-wall sun once more from Wednesday, while periodic showers wash over the north.

Temperatures will remain in the early double figures, around 12 to 13C, before the country welcomes 18C on the weekend.

From there, they surge upwards, with estimates pointing to more than a week of temperatures in the early to mid-20s.

Weather charts show by May 25 – the second bank holiday of the month – temperatures will surge to 26C once more.

Maps from WXCharts show an area of low pressure moving in over the country, a phenomenon which promotes high temperatures and less cloud.

The pressure will begin to move across the country from May 22, when forecasters note a warm spike.

The Met Office long-range forecast from May 26 to June 9 suggests temperatures will remain much the same.

The forecasters said although there is “low confidence” for the latter days of the month, the period will likely stay “dry and fine”.

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The forecast reads: “Although with low confidence, the beginning of the period looks to stay largely dry and fine, especially in the east.

“There may be a change to more unsettled conditions in the south and west/northwest with some rain and showers at times.

“Winds should remain light through much of the period with temperatures trending on the warmer side.

“Despite this, there could be the odd chilly night with possible overnight frosts.”

Brits had a taste of what’s to come on Saturday last week when high temperatures settled over the south, but the country was still on lockdown.

When the next bank holiday comes, people will have received some slight respite from COVID-19 measures.

Boris Johnson announced “unlimited” exercise for Brits in his address on Sunday, releasing people from the once a day maximum.

The new measures come into effect on Wednesday and will see people able to sunbathe and spend time outdoors when the next heatwave emerges on May 25.

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