Barbaric dogs roaming UK street kill four cats and strike fear into estate

Two "big, angry" dogs have forced residents on a quiet street to keep their pets indoors following a spate of "barbaric" attacks.

The two Shar Pei dogs are reportedly left to wander unsupervised around Platt Lane and surrounding streets in Moss Side, Manchester, with neighbours now on constant alert.

At least four cats are believed to have been killed by the beastly pets, as well as one woman bitten.

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Moreover, there are heightened concerns given that they roam close to a primary school.

One woman, named Stephanie to protect her identity, told the Manchester Evening News she witnessed her neighbour cat being brutally killed by the dogs on May 26.

She said: "It’s pretty barbaric. We heard a commotion and ran outside. My daughter was ahead of me and she screamed mum, they’ve got the cat!

"We ran up, and they had the cat between them, one had one end and the other had the other end, and they were just playing with it."

The pet had been owned for 15 years and the owner had only let him out five minutes before the attack.

"It all happened so quickly," she said, "It’s really horrible, a horrible way of dying."

She reported the incident to Greater Manchester Police (GMP) who said the report had been passed on to their neighbourhood team.

The RSPCA maintains that enforcing the Dangerous Dogs Act is the responsibility of the police.

The owner believes another cat was killed by the same dogs the very same night, and a woman attacked the morning after.

Residents are now working together to try and raise awareness of the dogs – including at the local primary school over the road from where they believe the owner lives.

"It’s an accident waiting to happen," said a neighbour given the name Stella.

"They [the police] know who he is but nothing is being done about it."

Stephanie, who owns two cats of her own, said that the attacks have changed the way her and her family live.

She said: "A couple of weekends ago over the Jubilee weekend, we were out and my daughter was so distressed about the fact the cats could get out and something might happen that we had to come home to bring the cats in and lock them inside."

The residents have reported the dogs to their local councillor Mahadi Sharif Mahamed, who said he has contacted GMP about the matter.

Stephanie thinks the dogs have been in the neighbourhood for around two years, but nothing has been done about them.

An RSPCA spokesperson said: "This sounds like a very distressing incident and the owner of the cat involved must be terribly upset.

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"Dog owners have a responsibility to ensure their dogs are under proper control at all times.

"It’s therefore vital that owners understand the circumstances likely to lead to their dog being aggressive and also the signs of potential aggressive behaviour in their dogs so that they can take steps to prevent incidents from occurring.

"We urge anyone with concerns about their dog’s behaviour to seek advice from their vet who may refer them to an appropriately qualified clinical animal behaviourist.

"If your pet is attacked by another dog, we advise you to report this to the police."


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