Bare knuckle boxers blood squirted through fingers after gang cut his jugular

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A bare knuckle boxer who was nearly killed in a gang dispute has lifted the lid on the grisly injuries he suffered after being repeatedly stabbed.

Brett May is a successful bare knuckle boxer, and is on the card to fight at Wembley Arena in August in a BKFC event.

However, before making his name as a professional fighter, Brett spent his teenage and early adult years in and out of prison, and was associated with criminal gangs.

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Now living a clean life, Brett spoke recently on the Shaun Attwood True Crime podcast about gang violence, and opened up about one incident that saw some of his former associates jailed for trying to kill him in a frenzied knife attack.

Brett explained how he had been part of a gang, committing crime with its members when his relationship with the group soured, and they started to threaten him.

This quickly escalated, and one day in 2018, Brett found himself surrounded by the group in a local corner shop, where they unleashed a violent assault.

“Before I know it and I don’t even realise, I’m getting stabbed left, right and centre, on my arm, on my back, the back of my neck, side of my head," he recalled.

“They’re just whisking these Stanley knives at me like crazy at first, so I’m just holding on for dear life, rolling around fighting with them, and they’re just saying, ’get to his face’ and then, ‘get to his neck’."

Full of adrenaline and trying to avoid the group attacking vulnerable parts of his body, Brett remembered that he wasn’t aware of the reality of a number of his injuries while he was rolling around on the floor.

He said: “I’m just feeling these little punches to the back, but they’re not, they’re stabbing me to the bone, and it’s ripping open."

Brett was left with an enormous scar on his neck from the attack and he described how it told the story of the gang’s attempts to stab at his major blood vessels.

“That one goes from the middle of my chest like a butcher’s knife, rips up through my jugular… Next minute I’m rolling around, blood squirting out of my fingers," he added.

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“I feared for my life, but I got told that the more you panic, you go into shock, and if you go into shock you’re dead. So I’m breathing, but I’m covered head to toe in blood, it’s just squirting through my fingers.

“I didn’t realise that I must have been stabbed about eight or nine times in my back."

Thankfully for Brett, the shopkeepers had immediately pressed a panic button when the attack began, and he was rescued by the police before being airlifted to hospital in a helicopter.

The fighter spoke to local news outlets from his hospital bed, where he claimed to have needed 85 stitches to treat his various cuts and slashes, and suggested that he had been targeted because of his boxing reputation.


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