Bareknuckle boxers host bloody Ukraine v Russia fist fight on war-torn border

While the threat of war between Russia and Ukraine intensifies, one mixed martial arts company has already given the world a taste of what might happen, by pitting a Russian soldier and a Ukrainian “patriot” against each other.

And it took place in the snow, right on the Ukrainian border, while gunfire was heard all around them.

Organised by the STRELKA street fighting association – which organises bare knuckle fighting outdoors – videos of the fight show the much older Ukrainian landing blow after blow on the young Russia.

The latter only managed to get one clear shot in on the bearded winner, and the fight was called off after he was barely able to stand.

He was also shown with, what appears to be a broken and bloodied nose at the end of the fight.

And for added drama, there was a small crowd of people in attendance, and a lit flare on the ground in the background.

The crowd is shown standing on a large tractor, which was seemingly used to move some of the ground snow, so that a fighting area could be made.

One of the two camera men can also be seen wearing a bullet proof vest.

Although it's unclear who exactly the referee is, the posted of the video on Twitter hinted that it was someone known to the MMA audience.

A possible Russian incursion across the border into Ukraine “could be the biggest war in Europe” since the Second World War, Prime Minister Boris Johnson claimed last week.

The prime minister issued the stark warning while at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday (February 19) and said it appeared Moscow’s plan for an offensive had “already in some senses begun."

“The fact is that all the signs are that the plan has already in some senses begun," he said.

“That’s what our American friends think and you’re seeing these provocations now in Donbas – these explosions and so on – that we’ve been warning about for a long time.

“The plan that we’re seeing is for something that could be the biggest war in Europe since 1945 just in terms of sheer scale.”

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