BBC Weather: Breeze steps up as brisk 40mph winds to batter UK into the weekend

BBC weather: Cloudy start with sunny spells later in day

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The BBC meteorologist said the wind will “step up” through Friday, with some areas set to experience gusts of up to 40mph during the day. Eastern coastal areas will be the most affected by the east-northeasterly breeze set to ushed the UK into a rather balmy weekend. Despite the wind, Matt Taylor noted temperatures could hit as high as 19C with widespread sunshine.

Mr Taylor said: “A bit more breeze around and that breeze steps up a bit more today.

“Quite a brisk and chilly wind on eastern coasts, there will be some sunny spells but, for some of you, it starts a little bit cloudier today.

“On that easterly breeze, we’re seeing cloud spreading across England and Wales. You’ve got high pressure in the north, low pressure to the south which could bring some pretty rough conditions across Spain and Portugal today.

“But that east-northeasterly wind brought in the cloud through tonight, a few showers around this morning across England and Wales, particularly as you go through the middle part of the morning.”

The BBC forecaster continued: “The cloud will break up a bit more readily in the Midlands and the north so lots of sunshine to come here.

“Some lingering low cloud around the Murray Firth and that gusty east-northeasterly wind particularly gusty on the western side of the Pennines.

“Could see gusts of 30mph – 40mph. But here some of the highest temperatures, 17C to 18C, probably warmer around Bute, up to 19C today.

“If you’re on the beach down those sea costs, you’re going to be looking at 9C-10C.

“But for those of you who suffer from hay fever, particularly to tree pollen, high levels at the moment for much of the UK.”

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