BBC Weather: Brits set for steaming 21C as UK hotter than Ibiza for second day in a row

BBC Weather forecasts high temperatures across UK

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Carol Kirkwood warned of slight frost and fog at the start of the day in the North East before temperatures start to rise. The BBC Weather forecaster also predicted temperatures of between 10c to 20c from the North to the South of England. And the Met Office has issued one yellow weather warning for fog across the Midlands. Brits have already seen the warmest day of the year so far but temperatures this week are set to continue to move into the twenties, with some areas set to have higher temperatures than Ibiza.

Ms Kirkwood said: “Now this morning it’s a chilly start, but then it’s going to warm up quite nicely.

“Once again we’re expecting similar values to yesterday with gentle breezes, high pressure.

“Look at the extent of this high pressure, it’s across much of Europe but that remains in charge of our weather. as we head on through the next few days and also into the weekend

, with gentle breezes.

“Now a cold and for some a frosty start, we’ve got some fog to watch out for with poor visibility.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “Anywhere from Newcastle, across North East of England towards the East Midlands.

“That should lift through the morning, and then most of us have a dry and also a sunny day.

“We could catch the odd shower East of Scotland and into Eastern England, then later into the Western Isles.

“But they will be the exception, rather than the rule with temperatures ten to about twenty degrees North to South.

UK weather: Met Office forecasts warm and sunny conditions

Ms Kirkwood said: “But we are expecting somewhere in East Anglia or the South East reach twenty-one.

“Now through this evening and overnight, will see some patchy mist and fog return.

“There will be some clear skies around, and you can see a bit more cloud around.

“And you can see a bit more cloud coming in across the North and the West too will produce the odd shower.

Ms Kirkwood added: “So here temperatures not quite as low as they’re going to be elsewhere.

“And temperatures in the countryside will be lower than this, so again there will be a touch of frost to start the day tomorrow.

“Talking of tomorrow, a lot of sunshine around when the mist and fog lifts.

“There will be some patchy cloud at times across Northern England, and a bit more cloud with some showers coming in across Northern Ireland and across Scotland too.”

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