BBC Weather: Brits to bask in sizzling sunshine as French jet stream pushes mercury to 68F

BBC Weather: Easter weekend set for dry and sunny conditions

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The BBC Weather forecaster said there will be plenty of sunshine around for Britons to bask in over the long weekend, with just a few splashes of rain for Northern Ireland and Scotland. High pressure building up across the UK will help keep unsettled fronts away, keeping conditions bright and helping lift temperatures up to 68F (21C) in some areas. Murky and cloudy spells around coastal areas will also be short-lived as the sunshine will quickly break through as the morning develops.

Sarah Keith-Lucas said: “Things are looking largely dry for much of the UK and warm for the time of the year, too.

“Not completely dry, we will see perhaps a bit more rain Easter Sunday and into Easter Monday as well.

“And also a bit more cloud across western parts of the UK because we’re going to be seeing a few weather fronts that are going to be trying to edge in from the Atlantic.

“But high pressure is going to be building towards the east.”

Britain will get to bask in the sizzling temperatures thanks to a jet stream of hot air coming in from France.

She continued: “To start off your Go d Friday, we’ve got a little bit of mist and low cloud around, across parts of Eastern England but also around some of these Irish Sea coasts as well.

“Most of the low cloud and mistiness will burn back and it will brighten up through the day.

“There’ll be a few splashes of rain perhaps for Northern Ireland and the northwest of Scotland at times, and just a small chance of a rogue shower elsewhere but most of us staying dry with long spells of sunshine.

“And temperatures in the mid to high teens, possibly 21C (68F) in the southeast today.”

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The BBC Weather forecaster added: “One or two spots of light rain in the northwest as we head through the course of tonight but most places dry once again.

“Mild but we’ll have clearer skies across parts of eastern England so it’s here that temperatures will fall lowest first thing Saturday morning.

“For southern and eastern England, that’s where you’ll see the lion’s share of sunshine from the word go.

“Elsewhere, a little more cloud, probably a bit murky around eastern coasts and in the west but any of that low cloud and murkiness tending to burn back.”

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The BBC Weather forecaster noted a chill will slowly creep in towards Sunday into Eastern Monday, when more unsettled conditions will start taking over.

Ms Keith-Lucas said: “Long spells of sunshine, light winds tomorrow, very pleasant conditions if you’re getting away.

“Temperatures between 13C to 19C, a bit cooler towards the Northern Isles.

“And then a quick look into Eastern Sunday and Monday, we are likely to see a weather front just pushing in from the north so a chance of a bit of rain for Northern Ireland and possibly Scotland.

“Many of us avoid that wet weather so lots of dry conditions are on the cards. Feeling just a little bit fresher by Easter Monday as that weather front has moved through but, generally, the next few days looking fine and dry for most of us.”

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