BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood offers Britons tip to avoid scattered downpours hit and miss

Weather: BBC predicts scattered showers with some sunshine

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The weatherwoman has pointed out two weather fronts moving in across the UK in the coming days both of which threaten heavy downpours. Carol Kirkwood did offer BBC Breakfast viewers which areas of Britain held the “better” chance of staying dry. 

Ms Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast: “Now we’ve got two weather fronts, this one’s brought some heavy rain overnight for some, this second one is going to bring in some potent showers later on.

“So we’ve got all this rain that’s been moving from the west towards the east through the course of the night.

“Some drizzly bits and pieces coming in across western Scotland and Northern Ireland from the thicker cloud and as the rain continues to push down towards the southeast, it will start to brighten up behind and we will start to see some sunshine.

“But then we’ve got this second weather front coming in bringing some heavy showers across eastern Scotland, Northern England through the Midlands down towards the south coast and into the southeast.”

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“Some of those could also be thundery,” she continued.

“They are hit and miss not all of us will catch one.

“If you are out towards the west, you’ve got a better chance of staying dry with some sunny spells, temperatures 10 in the north to 17 as we come further south.

“Now pollen levels today are lower, moderate, more or less across the board.

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“So if you have an allergy, especially to tree pollen, but the grass pollen season is also now starting that’s a bit of a relief from yesterday.”

The weather presenter added: “Through the evening and overnight then, there go the remnants of those showers there will be some clear skies, some mist and fog patches forming and by the end of the night some thicker cloud that could bring in some rain across parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“For some of us, it’s going to be a cooler night than last night.

“So we start off with any patchy mist and fog lifting England and Wales seeing a fair bit of dry weather, some sunshine fair weather cloud developing through the day.”

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Ms Kirkwood continued: “In Northern Ireland and Scotland, you’ll see a bit more cloud and in the north, we’re likely to see some rain but during the course of Thursday, temperatures will be higher. 

“We’re looking at 17 in Aberdeen, 19 in Hull, 20 in Birmingham, 21 in London, possibly locally in the southeast we could also see 22.

“As we head on to the latter part of the week from Thursday into Friday, we still have this area of high pressure in the south but we’ve got weather fronts sinking south.

“Now they’ll still be a lot of mild weather around or warm weather depending on where you are on Friday but behind our cold front you can see that it’s turning a bit fresher.” 

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