BBC Weather: Europe warned of flash flooding as deluge strikes alongside wildfires

BBC Weather: Europe set for flash flooding

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BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor insisted that heavy rain would be striking much of central Europe this week. This heavy rain could cause flooding issues for Italy, Poland, Switzerland and Austria. The weather forecaster added that while this is happening, temperatures will remain high in south east Europe and won’t subside until the weekend.

Mr Taylor said: “Wildfires continue to rage across parts of south east Europe.

“This is where exceptional heat remains the story.

“It is denoted by the red colours on our chart, showing things to be well above normal for the time of year.

“Going into the weekend, that heat starts to ease.”

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The BBC Weather forecaster noted that elsewhere in Europe it was a significantly different story.

Central Europe could expect heavy rain over the next few days.

Mr Taylor continued: “Across the rest of the UK the blue indicates below-average temperatures.

“With the outbreaks of rain, it will be persistent and push across southern France.

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“It will be heading towards Alpine regions.

“For the south east we stick with the dry and sunny weather as temperatures still on the exceptionally hot side.

“Temperatures will get into the mid 40s for parts of Turkey and Greece.”

Mr Taylor noted how impactful the rain was set to be and warned against flooding.

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He said: “There is concern across northern Italy into parts of Switzerland and Austria for Wednesday and Thursday.

“There will be over 100mm of rain, that could cause some flash flooding.

“There will be some severe storms in eastern parts of Poland into Ukraine.

“This again could also cause some flash flooding and more to come as we come into Thursday.”

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