BBC Weather: Scorching 17C temperatures hit as sub-tropical plume to take over by May

BBC Weather: UK set for sunshine and cloud

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BBC Weather’s Carol Kirkwood delivered her forecast from a farm in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire and said hot temperatures were here to stay. Mornings would see some fog and mist up in the north but would quickly disappear as temperatures could reach as high as 17C. The clear skies and warm temperatures means perfect weather for pub gardens in the south whereas it may be hit and miss for those in the north. 

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, Ms Kirkwood forecasted: “This [Tuesday] morning the forecast for all of us is once again mainly dry and there is sunny spells. 

“But there is rain in the forecast, there’s rain across Scotland and also in Northern Ireland.

“[Rain] not particularly heavy and it will tend to ease as we go through the course of the day.

“It’s a weather front that is slowly moving southwards and also eastwards. 

“Ahead of it, there’s some mist and fog around this morning in parts of the Midlands and the east coast of England coming in from the North Sea.”

But the meteorologist added the fog would clear up as the day went on.

She added: “Most of that will lift or dive back towards the coast and then mostly it’s going to be a sunny day except for in Scotland and Northern Ireland where we hang on to that cloud. 

“[Cloud] is sinking south through the day so will brighten up behind with some showers which could be hail in Shetland. It will feel cooler in the north than in the south where [Tuesday] we could hit some, something like 17 degrees. 

“Now through this [Tuesday] evening and overnight a weather front sinks south-wards getting in across northern England eventually into the Midlands, Wales and East Anglia with the odd spot of rain.

BBC Weather: 'Very heavy rain' to hit parts of Europe

“Cold enough for some frost across parts of Northern Ireland and also Scotland. But it’s comparatively milder as it goes south so tomorrow the weather front will be in the south as a band of cloud pushing down towards the southwest. 

“And here we’ll have the highest temperatures, behind it some sunshine and few showers for the Pennines. 

“Wales as well and maybe East Anglia [will see rain] but the showers will be the exception rather than the rule. 

“By [Wednesday] tomorrow with an onshore breeze coming in from the North Sea it’s also going to feel cooler – especially on the North Sea coastline. 

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Forecaster Brian Gaze from Weather Outlook forecast temperatures will be on the up again as April turns into May.

Mr Gaze noted that despite the rain expected to hit in the coming days and next week, thermometers could reach as high as 21C.

He told “There is likely to be some rain around, but most computer models are suggesting that high pressure will bring a lot of dry weather during the rest of the month. Temperatures depend on where the high pressure becomes centred.”

And the BBC’s long-range forecast between Monday, April 26 and Sunday, May 2, added sub-tropical air from the Atlantic could blast a warm front into the UK by the beginning of May.

The forecast said: “The first half of May should bring further high pressure for a time, leading to some drier weather with changeable temperatures as the high centre shifts about.

“This is again supported by some of the computer model outlook and many of our historical analogues.”

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