BBC Weather: UK set to bathe in glorious sunshine as rain makes way for highs of up to 17C

BBC Weather: Warmer conditions and sunshine across UK

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Speaking to BBC Breakfast weather presenter Carol Kirkwood told viewers the biblical rainfall of the past few days is behind us as “unseasonably high” temperatures are set to send the mercury soaring across the UK for the rest of the week.

Ms Kirkwood said: “After the torrential rain and strong winds, today we are looking at something drier and brighter.

“First thing this morning we do still have a bit of rain courtesy of this low pressure across parts of the southeast and eastern parts of England as well.”

But she warned of “substantial rain” set to washout Northern Ireland towards lunchtime on Wednesday.

Despite the dreary forecast in Northern Ireland, the winds will slowly ease in the east and there will be “a lot of dry weather” and “a lot of sunny spells” as well.

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Wednesday will see highs of 17C in London, 17C in Cardiff, 15C in Hull, 14C in Newcastle, and 13C in Aberdeen.

From Wednesday evening into Thursday, the weather front from Northern Ireland will move into Scotland covering most of the region in rain.

Thursday will see more cloud arrive for the UK but the rain will hold off for most of the UK but will linger in Scotland.

But in a surprise break from Autumnal climes, the presenter said the UK is set for some “unseasonably warm” weather for the rest of the week. 

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She said as a result the temperatures could dramatically soar as Thursday could see highs of 21C in Hull.

Top temperatures will also be 20C in Cardiff, 19C in London, 19C in Liverpool, and 18C in Edinburgh.

But she warned where there is cloud in Wales and parts of the southwest of England, it will be thick enough for patches of drizzle.

Friday will see the arrival of fog for much of the UK but temperatures will remain high.

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While Friday’s top temperatures will be 20C in Liverpool, 20C in Hull, 19C in Norwich, 18C in Belfast, and 18C in Aberdeen.

She said: “Depending on the amount of cloud breaks we have, some places could hit 21C to 22C.

“As we head towards Saturday a weather front will slowly sink southwards, weakening all the time as it does so.

“But turning that bit cooler behind it.”

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