BBC Weather: UK to ‘gradually get cooler’ as scorching heatwave winds down over weekend

BBC Weather: UK to ‘gradually turn cooler’

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BBC Weather’s Matt Taylor appeared on BBC Breakfast where he delivered the welcome news that the UK will experience cooler temperatures over the weekend as the heatwave winds down which has caused discomfort to some sleeping. Matt Taylor added isolated showers and thunderstorms could be seen overnight on the south coast of England but will quickly dissipate. On Sunday, temperatures will be much cooler and will get next week off to a good start.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Mr Taylor looked at the weekend weather and had good news for those who struggled with the heat this week.

He said: “Things are gradually going to turn cooler, already starting to know the trend across some southern and eastern today as the breeze picks up.

“And it’s across some eastern areas where we are seeing quite a bit of low cloud this [Friday] morning.

“Particularly eastern Scotland through northeast England, few patches occur through East Anglia and the southeast as well.

“But a sunshine start for the vast majority, that sunshine temperatures will shoot up just one or two isolated thundershowers in the west.

“Maybe a few more pushing into the far southwest later which will bring a bigger change for some tomorrow.”

This week, the UK recorded its hottest day of the year so far with 32.2C recorded at Heathrow on Tuesday. 

It beat the previous record set on Sunday prior of 31.6C.

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Mr Taylor continued: “Temperatures [Friday] will be a little bit cooler for some eastern areas, still going into the high 20s and maybe close to 30C.

“The west of Northern Ireland 28-29C and in the western parts of Scotland.

“So there could be a few isolated showers in the west to end the day but the real focus is going to be towards the south of the country through this evening.

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“Overnight and into the [Saturday] morning some torrential thunderstorms pushing the way in.

“Another mild night and mild starts to [Saturday] but it can be quite stormy for some across parts of south Wales, southwest England and across some other southern counties.

“Little bit of sunshine develops, but then we could see some more showers and thunderstorms later.”

Mr Taylor concluded that temperatures will become much cooler come Sunday as the UK saw 2021’s warmest temperatures so far this week.

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