BBC WeathersCarol Kirkwood forecasts snow and sleet takeover as band of rain to batter UK

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts snow

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BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood said Britain can expect a “mild” yet cloudy start to the day but there will be rain in the northwest of England, east Scotland, and all the way down to the south of England, including London, in the afternoon. She ruled out windy temperatures in the UK except in the far north where the temperatures won’t drop below five degrees and a cold night is not expected. Ms Kirkwood predicted some sunshine and a lot of wind in some parts of England and Wales tomorrow, forecasting snow and sleet to hit before the weekend.

It will remain anything but dry on Friday as she forecast sleet, a lot of rain, and some snow showers, particularly in the Scottish hills as the temperatures will be freezing due to a blend of rain and wind.

Ms Kirkwood said: “It’s quite a mild start to the day except for the North of Scotland where we still are in some cold air.

“But generally it will be mild day for most it’s gonna be really cloudy and that cloud is thick enough for some drizzle.

“This weather front here moved south yesterday, flipped overnight and now it’s moving northwards.

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“It’s quite a murky start in Western areas as well, there is some hill and some coastal mist a little bit of hill fog as well.

“The rain will pep up in the Northern West through the course of the afternoon, it will go to East Wales, central southern England then towards the south-east and East Anglia.

“It will not be as windy as it has been except across the far north and here too we’re looking at temperatures of five degrees but for most another mild nine to 12 or 13.

“Through this evening and overnight we will start off with some rain and one or two clear skies but equally there will be a bit of cloud and by the end of the night in the North West the wind will be picking up, it’s not going to be a cold night, we’re looking at another mild one.

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“Tomorrow we start off with some spots of rain in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“In parts of England and Wales there will be some sunshine for a time but then you can see another weather front coming in from the Atlantic and that is going to bring in some rain, all around it there will be squally winds and tomorrow will be a windier day.

“Ahead of this weather front it’s going to remain mild but behind it is to going to turn colder and the showers will increasingly turn to sleet and to snow.”

But she warned Britons it will remain anything but dry on Friday as she forecast sleet, rain, and some snow showers, particularly in the Scottish hills as the temperatures will be freezing due to a blend of rain and wind.


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She said: “On Thursday and Friday it sinks steadily southwards and it’s also going to be windy.

“First thing on Friday morning there goes some rain, a plethora of snow showers follow behind.

“Most of the snow will be in Scotland on top of the hills, if you see snow showers where you are it’s more likely going to be sleet at lower levels and in between there will be some sunshine.

“But it’s going to feel colder, particularly so when you add on the wind.”

Ms Kirkwood added: “As we’re heading into the weekend, while we have a new weather front south it too is a cold front it’s going to bring some rain, behind it it turns colder so we will see some snow showers.

“And it’s going to be a windy weekend with risks of gales across parts of the north.

“We are looking at quite a bit of cloud, some rain, some sleet, some snow but most of it will tend to be on the hills.

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