Bear escapes its cage on plane before being sedated and hauled off Dubai flight

A bear managed to cause chaos when it escape its cage while being transported on a cargo plane.

The beast was being transported on an Iraqi Airlines flight from Baghdad to Dubai on August 4 when the incident occurred.

A formal investigation has been launched by Iraqu’s Prime Minister, though they deny any wrongdoing.

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Workers discovered the bear was loose from its enclosure when the aircraft touched down at Dubai International Airport and began unloading the cargo.

A video was shared to Twitter, now X, showing the confused bear wandering around the cargo hold as brave staff tried to calm it.

According to the Independent, the animal was sedated by the authorities and removed from the Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

Although the incident was dealt with, the delay meant the returning flight, IA124, was delayed by four hours.

The Associated Press reports Iraqi Airlines said “procedures to transport the bear were carried out in accordance with the law and with procedures and standards approved by the International Air Transport Association”.

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An apology was issued in a statement online by the airline.

It read: “The company apologises to the passengers of the flight from Baghdad International Airport to Dubai Airport for reasons beyond the control of the company.”

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shayya’ Sabbar al Sudani launched an official investigation into the incident to discover how the bear escaped.

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The publication added that another video on social media shows the plane’s captain apologising to passengers for Friday’s takeoff delay because of the bear’s escape from its crate in the cargo hold.

At this time it is not known who owns the bear or why it was being transported.

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