Beauty queen sacked from top hospital job because she’s ‘too good looking’

A former model was ordered to resign from a job at a hospital because she was too beautiful, it is claimed.

Claudia Ardelean, 27, who has a double degree in law and European ethics, was asked to work unpaid on the board of the Pneumophthisiology Clinical Hospital in Romania.

She was delighted and posted about her appointment on social media on February 8.

The former model and beauty queen posted a selfie in front of the council building and wrote: “I am thankful for the trust and support of the Cluj National Liberal Party!”

However, she soon received a raft of criticism from trolls and faced claims she only received the job because of her looks, foreign media reports.

Newspaper Click said she was forced to resign because she was too beautiful.

Claudia, who now works as a lawyer in a local firm, has not commented on stepping down from the board.

Cluj council president Alin Tise admitted that she was well qualified and yet nevertheless made a statement saying: “I deeply regret the incident.

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“I requested the resignation of Claudia Ardelean."

Meanwhile, another beauty queen faces 50 years behind bars for her alleged involvement in an organised kidnapping ring in Mexico.

Laura Mojica Romero, 25, won the Miss Oaxaca beauty contest in 2018 and was known locally for her modelling and pageant performances.

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The Veracruz State Attorney General’s Office on Monday, February 15 issued a statement confirming the arrest of eight suspects, including Romero, on February 11.

In a statement, Romero was described as one of "eight alleged members of a criminal organisation specialising in kidnap".

The group are alleged to belong to a criminal organisation which specialises in carrying out kidnappings in the Mexican states of Oaxaca and Veracruz.

Prosecutors said the city's elite anti-kidnap unit had acted to ensure there was "no truce for people who cause serious harm to Veracruz".

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