Beauty queens royal roots after finding out she is related to Princess Diana

A Miss Great Britain contender was shocked to find out she had royal roots and is a distant relative of Princess Diana.

Niamh Gwen, who already boasts the title of Miss Preston, didn’t believe her mum when she told her she had put their details into a genealogy website and found they were descendants of the great grandmother of the late Princess of Wales.

The 24-year-old social media manager told the Liverpool ECHO: "My mum said 'no way we are descendants of royalty' and I was just like 'are you joking me, we are not royal'.”

Niamh, who has set her sights on the national beauty pageant, didn’t expect to win when she entered the Miss Preston awards.

She explained: “I just did it for confidence as I was becoming a teacher, because I had absolutely no confidence whatsoever.

“I was the most socially awkward. I struggled with eye contact and panic attacks all the time. I just needed to do something completely out of my comfort zone and it was the best thing I have ever done.

“I wasn't bothered about winning but it was something to talk about and people would find it interesting. It would give me a bit of a talking point.”

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The inspirational model says she wants to use her well-earnt platform to promote worthy causes, including helping to raise funds for a woman's refuge and working with children and education for mental health and wellbeing strategies.

Niamh added: "It's a bit of a platform really, it's different and people listen to it even if they don't agree with it, so it is a good way of getting people to say 'oh yeah'.

"It's a very positive thing and I think this what people need to know and understand about it."

Niamh also says she wants people to check their moles and skin as May is skin cancer awareness month and Cancer Research UK is partnering with the beauty pageant.

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She previously had a scare herself and had to have a mole removed on her back as doctors were concerned about it.

"It was quite scary actually, they were like we need to get this off now and it looked really bad,” she said.

"But fortunately for me it was not melanoma but I think people need to know what to look out for."

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