Bigfoot expert divulges key tips for spotting presence of elusive beasts

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    A Bigfoot expert has revealed one of the key signs people should keep an eye on for elusive creatures wandering the woods.

    Expert Thomas Marcum of the Crypto Crew has said people exploring in and around forests should keep their eyes peeled for potential signs of Bigfoot activity.

    Beyond the usual "foot tracks", there are other possible sightings and "indicators" of Sasquatch activity, with eerie stick formations used as a sign of Bigfoot pack sightings.

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    Other signs of the beast could include "tree breaks", which could mean Bigfoot is traversing the area at the same time as those venturing into the forests.

    Expert Marcum, speaking to the Daily Star, said: "There are some things a person can look for, such as unusual stick structures, archways, and tree breaks. But of course, we always like to find foot tracks in these same areas.

    "It does take some outdoor experience to help determine if a structure is possibly made by a Bigfoot or something natural. All of these small indicators, foot tracks, stick formations, and tree breaks, can mean that Bigfoot are traveling the area.

    "The majority of people out in the woods would not notice some of these formations. Two of the most found formations are the "X" formation and the "teepee" style formation."

    Images shared with the Daily Star showed one of the ominous structures which could point to activity of an elusive creature, which Thomas says could have a number of uses for the urban legend.

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    He continued: "But Bigfoot stick formations can vary greatly.

    "Over the years, researchers have attempted to decipher the meaning of some of these formations but there is no general consensus as to what most of them mean. Also, the meaning may vary by region or Bigfoot group."

    Expert Marcum had previously aired his concerns over the recent whistleblower evidence given by government sources relating to the existence of UFOs.

    Speaking to the Daily Star at the time, the elusive creatures expert worried the new releases of information could "muddy the waters" of other searches for the likes of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.

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