Bloke abducted by aliens on Budapest stag do during boozy three-day bender

A spaced out groom-to-be told pals he was kidnapped by aliens on his stag party.

The boozy reveller went missing for 15 hours during a three-day bender in Budapest, triggering a frenzied manhunt across the Hungarian capital.

His worried pals eventually found him lying in a bush – and claiming he’d been beamed aboard a giant UFO by little green men.

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Matt Mavir, boss of stag and hen organisers Last Night of Freedom, said: “We are used to hearing about close encounters on trips to Eastern Europe, but this one was out of this world.

“This bloke had gone walkabout and, to be fair, his mates were genuinely concerned.

“Several hours passed and they couldn’t reach him.

“We handle any emergency on the weekend trip, so when the group contacted us and said he’d vanished after a long day on the beer we were all worried.

“But they called us back 15 hours later to say they’d found him stranded in a bush and he was babbling on about aliens and UFOs.

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“Apparently these creatures with jet black eyes had lifted him off the ground and then flew him around space.

“I think he was just on another planet due to the drink. But at least he had a great story from his stag.”

The Tyneside-based company has had scores of paranormal requests from punters – with one even wanting to go to UFO hotspot Roswell in New Mexico.

Matt, below, added: “We offer packages to every hotspot you could think of, from Barcelona to York.

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“And we even sell a stag do to the North Pole – but none of that was enough for one best man.

“They said the groom was an avid UFO hunter and asked if we could send them to Roswell.

“Sadly, we couldn’t as top-secret military bases aren’t high in demand for most people’s stags.

“Some customers are usually happy with a couple of days in the pub and a funny T-shirt.”

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Matt added: “We have also had stags and hens asking to stay in haunted houses for the night.

“It is quirky and unusual, but across the industry we are seeing a growing demand for customers wanting unique and memorable experiences.

“And we can arrange pretty much anything – from mud wrestling, firing a Kalashnikov or even having the stag arrested – but sadly we can’t arrange for him to be abducted by aliens.”


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