Bloke nips out for a cigarette and discovers enormous exotic snake in garden

A Londoner got the shock of his life when he found a huge snake in his garden.

Jason Lemin had just popped outside for a smoke when he noticed the giant serpent slithering around outside his shed.

To add to the horror, the 38-year-old's toddler was also in the garden during the ordeal yesterday, Monday.

The mental health worker, from Sutton in London, rushed to his 15-month-old son Freddie's defence, quickly taking him indoors before deciding what to do next.

”I've got a garden with a trampoline and grass around it, and I was about to put him on the trampoline so I can have a cigarette," he told MyLondon.

“I looked towards the shed and I thought there was a bit of rubbish the kids left, so I looked a bit closer and realised it was a snake, just sunbathing along the side of it [the shed].

“It was the first time I’ve seen a strolling snake.”

He added: “I quickly dragged Freddie back into the house, called my 16-year-old, Matthew, down, went back outside and was just like ‘what do I do’.

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“I googled the RSPCA, but there was over an hour wait, and then I quickly took a picture of the snake and shoved it on Facebook asking if anyone around here’s lost a snake."

The reptile turned out to be a corn snake, which can grow up to 6ft long. Native to North America, the exotic pets are carnivorous, but are not venomous and are harmless to humans.

“We’ve had a few people try to get it earlier today, and we got through to next-door’s friend, and we had to pull the shed out to get the snake," Jason said.

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“He’s very well known – and he thinks he knows the people who’ve lost it.”

Having grown up Down Under, Jason added that he managed to remain calm because he was surrounded by them as a kid..

“I was shocked it was in my back garden, and I didn't want the cats winding it up or stressing it out, but I was was also worried for its well being," he said.

“I didn't jump out of my skin, I lived in Australia as a kid so I'm not scared of seeing the snakes, but I was worried about Freddie and the snake’s well-being.”

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