Bloke running to catch train dragged to his death as clothing caught in doors

A man was dragged onto train tracks and killed in a freak accident after his clothing became trapped in a passing carriage, cops say.

The tragedy unfolded in New York City’s famous subway after the unnamed 20-year-old victim ran to catch the train at the 59th Street Columbus Circle station on the Upper West Side yesterday (Monday, October 24).

Police reported that his clothing or backpack became trapped in the same train he was struck and killed by.

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Officials say they do not suspect any criminality in the case, local media reported.

New York’s transport system is one of the biggest in America and is sadly no stranger to harrowing deaths.

Just three days before the latest tragic incident, a 32-year-old man was randomly shoved in front of a passing train and was lucky to escape with a broken collar bone.

And the week before that a similar incident occurred involving a different man who suffered injuries to his leg after he was also seemingly pushed in front of a moving train at random.

In fact, freak incidents on the New York City subway have become such a concern that locals are worried about the safety of catching the trains.

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Cops have vowed to spend millions to install cameras in all carriages and increase police presence in the area.

New York mayor Eric Adams, who is under pressure to address the problems, said in a statement: “It's the combination of ensuring that we deal with the actual violence, but also people must feel safe in the city of New York.

“Three point five million people use our subway system every day. We have an average of five felony crimes on the system per day…

“And guns, guns, guns, that's what's driving this problem.”

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