Blokes catch of a lifetime as he reels in great white shark on fishing trip

A bloke got lucky as he caught a "great white shark" on a fishing trip with a group of friends near Ponce Inlet in Volusia County, Florida US.

Scott Housel, boat captain and owner of Sudden Strike Offshore Adventures, recently had an extraordinary fishing experience when one of his customers unexpectedly hooked a large white mammal.

The video was posted on Facebook by the business owner's company, and later on, went on to explain the "rare experience" of his fishing expedition.

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Housel told WESH-TV: "One of my customers had a catch of a lifetime.

"All of a sudden, he hit one of the lines and I'm not really sure if we caught him or he caught us, but we ended up going for about a two-mile ride chasing him down."

He said that the shark was circling for 20 mins before she got stuck in the hook.

"Everybody pretty much had an opportunity to kind of feel the strength," he further added.

"I've been fishing out here since 1989 and this is the seventh great white I've ever seen."

However, the shark was later released after being reeled in by the group.

The news comes after a chilling moment was caught on camera when Dave Perkins caught and dragged up a six-foot-shark off the coast of South Florida.

He soon realised that the shark had already been eaten by a predator deep in the waters.

Perkins said: “While I was holding the leader to unhook the fish, it jerked and writhed violently.

“I assumed that the shark was just angry at being manhandled – I didn’t know it was actually the shark being bitten until I pulled it closer and saw the wound.

“I felt intimidated when I saw the bite. I was nervous that it was going to get bitten while I was holding the wire leader.

“I’ve caught and released nearly 1,000 sharks in my life and nothing like this has ever happened to me before.”

Dave claimed that he "loves" sharks and "hates to see them hurt".

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