Blokes protect cars from rioters with samurai swords in lawless France

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    As the riots in France continue to rage, two blokes have been spotted protecting their cars from protestors with samurai swords.

    In cities and towns all over the country, protestors have been setting fire to buildings and vehicles after a policeman shot dead a 17-year-old during a traffic stop.

    Last week a bloke was spotted eating a sandwich during a clash between rioters and police, and now two men in Metz have been spotted fighting back with the ancient Japanese swords.

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    Visegrad 24 posted on Twitter saying: "French citizens out on streets of Metz to protect their cars from rioters with the help of Japanese Katana swords.

    "France is lawless at the moment."

    A katana is a 60-80cm long Japanese sword characterized by a curved, single-edged blade that was used by samurai in feudal Japan.

    It is illegal to bring into the UK, sell, hire, lend, give or possess private swords with a curved blade over 50 centimeters.

    Some 45,000 police with specialised elite units, armoured vehicles and helicopters have been deployed to quell the violence that has now raged for six nights.

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    The BBC reported that last night (Sunday, July 2), 297 cars were set on fire compared with Thursday's 1,900. Some 34 buildings were damaged or set on fire, compared with more than 500 on Thursday.

    An association of the country's mayors noted that "communes everywhere in France are the scene of serious unrest, which targets republican symbols with extreme violence".

    "We refuse to let our country succumb to chaos… Unfortunately, this situation does not come as a surprise, and for years France's mayors have been sounding alarm bells over the degradation in our society," a statement read.

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