Bloodthirsty rat takes down pigeon and drags it beneath car in brutal battle

A wild video of a rat attacking a hapless pigeon has taken the internet by storm after a passer-by witnessed the brutal takedown in New York City.

Jessie Salinas, who shared the video on Instagram, had to stop on the street as he noticed a massive rodent sinking its teeth into a pigeon's stomach and pushing it on the floor.

The pigeon is seen flapping its wings in a desperate bid to escape the ferocious rat.

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But the rat then drags it across the pavement with the bird's back on the floor, making it difficult to take off and escape.

The battle appears to have a winner as the rodent runs away with the wounded bird in its mouth and disappears beneath a car.

"A New York cataclysm," Jessie wrote.

Some viewers commented on the brutal hunt on the street but others were disappointed that Jessie did not help free the pigeon.

One said: "It's tough out in New York City."

"I thought I had seen it all," a second exclaimed. A third wrote: "For a rat to attack a bird this way has to be really aggressively hungry and probably with rabies.

"They are usually afraid and allusive with great chances for the bird to fly away."

But some said they would step in to help the pigeon.

"Why did you just film it and not help the bird?" a viewer aske. Another commented: "Oh my God I would remove the bird from the rat."

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Rats in New York have earned themselves notorious fame for being brazen and vile.

In an incident two months ago, one bold rodent attempted to cut through a park full of dogs and ended up getting flipped in the air as the canines chased after it.

It was a Ratatouille moment when the rat made a daring escape from a pack of excited pets while the owners scurried to yell at their dogs.


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