Bloodthirsty seagulls filmed eating animals whole – including helpless rabbit

Seagulls have become big pests, particularly in seaside towns in the UK — divebombing Brits for their chips and ice creams.

But they naturally have a taste for fish, insects, other birds and small mammals, which can be quite disturbing to watch. An array of sickening videos shared online have captured the stomach-churning moments segaulls have been caught swallowing animals whole.

Some of the clips are so disturbing that you wouldn't want your seaside treats anyway after witnessing it. Wehave looked back on some of the most grim attacks from the 'psycho' birds that have gulped down animals while they're still moving.

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A brutal bird was caught on camera pulling a wild rabbit out of a hole and swallowing it whole in gruesome footage. In the video captured on Skomer Island, a nature reserve cared for by The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, the great black-backed gull manages to down the entire creature in just several large gulps.

The defiant seagull dragged the rabbit out of an underground hole and chowed down onto its head. It then lifted the animal up and choked it down as another bird watched on.

For a couple of seconds, it looked like it may have bitten off more than it can chew, but with a quick pause the rabbit's back legs disappear down the gull's throat. The gull looked slightly wobbly but then recovered and was seemingly satisfied by his extra large meal.

But while such an incident may seem bizarre and impossible, small mammals are a normal part of the bird's natural diet, Wildlife Trust experts say. They told Wales Online: "Rabbits are an important part of their diet when none or very few small seabirds or seabird chicks are available."


In a horrific video, another giant seagull took on a smaller pigeon in a gruesome battle to the death. The horrific clip – believed to have been filmed in Rome, Italy – started with the bigger seagull thrashing its victim around in the air.

But it didn't take long for the bigger bird to swallow its victim alive. It jerked its body up and down before unbelievably swallowing the animal’s body.

It even swallowed the bird’s wings and feet after opening its throat and jaw. The aggressive predator casually strolled off with no care for the terrifying scene it has left behind.


Meanwhile, another monstrous seagull was caught on camera swallowing a giant rat whole as shoppers watched in horror. In the clip posted on Twitter, the brazen sea bird casually strolled down a street with a rodent in its mouth.

It stopped at the side of the pavement and starts chomping on the rat. A man and a woman could be heard gasping in disbelief when the grey-backed seagull engulfed the prey whole within seconds.

A nearby shopper walked out from the boutique and shooed the bird away. The video, with more than 1.8 million views, ended with the seagull flying towards the cameraman.


Another bloodthirsty seagull was filmed scooping up a squirrel and eating it in a sickening video recorded by shocked onlookers. In the clip, the peckish bird picked up the rodent at the side of a road with its beak and gobbled it down whole.

At one point, the wild animal's tail hung out of the seagull's mouth. But in just over a minute, the rodent had been swallowed completely as the bird flew away from the scene.

It was not known if the squirrel was dead or alive when eaten. Some viewers branded the birds "psychos" and "savages" and even claimed to have been left "traumatised" by the wild clips.

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