Blow to Russia as Ukraine wipes out ammunition dump in new missile strike – VIDEO

Ukrainian brigade appears to hit Russian ammunition dump

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Russian ammunition stockpile of weapons and equipment went up in flames after a Ukrainian Armed forces obliterated it yesterday. The roof collapse, captured in video and shared by the Ukraine’s Armed Forces, saw the “Ukrainian 45th Artillery Brigade hit a Russian ammunition dump”. The video shows a series of massive detonations in the ammunition dump.

Andrii Pokrasa, a 15-year-old Ukrainian, used his toy drone to determine the precise co-ordinates of the ammunition dump and a column of enemy vehicles on their way to Kyiv along the Zhytomyr highway, said Anton Gerashchenko, a Ukrainian advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs.

They were handed over to Ukrainian forces who proceeded with the attack that destroyed the column, he said.

The Twitter user captured the video of the bombardment: “Ukrainian 45th Artillery Brigade hit a Russian ammunition dump in Voskresenka, Zaporizhia Oblast.”

Another large fire was reported by Ukrainian forces yesterday at an oil refinery in Polohy – 5 miles away from the dump. The refinery was also allegedly targeted by Ukrainian forces.

The attacks come as Russian and Ukrainian forces continue to fight in the key city of Sievierodonetsk in the eastern Donbas region. Russian forces have intensified attacks in the Donbas region in a bid to conquer the war-torn region, which has seen fighting since 2014.

However, the governor of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, Serhiv Hayday, said Ukraine could pull back its troops “to more fortified positions” but added they will “not give up” Sievierodonetsk.

A Russian bombardment has forced some of the troops to retreat to the outskirts of the key city, the governor told RBC-Ukraine media outlet.

He said: “Our (forces) now again control the outskirts of the city. But the fighting is still going on, our (forces are defending Sievierodonetsk, it is impossible to say the Russians completely control the city.”

The neighbouring city of Lysychansk across the Siverskyi Donetsk river could soon see fighting raging on, as Russian forces have crossed the river. It is the last remaining city under Ukrainian control in the Luhansk province.

Ukraine reportedly holds more territory in the other Donbas province of Donetsk. 

Two Britons have appeared in court in the Russian-held territory of Donetsk on charges of acting as mercenaries for Ukraine. Both their families say they were in Ukraine’s military.

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There are concerns the two men, if found guilty, could get the death penalty – in clear breach of international law

When asked about the case, Dominique Raab told LBC: “I don’t know all the details, but of course, we would expect the laws of armed conflict to be respected, and we will make sure that we will make all the representations.

“I know the Foreign Office will be looking at making sure all those representations are made.”

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