Body bags dumped by road by evil cannibal serial killer caught on Google Maps

Bags full of body parts dumped by cannibal serial killer Juan Carlos Hernández have been discovered on Google Maps.

The @googlemapsfun page on TikTok shared a video of the site in Ecatepec de Morelos, Mexico, where Juan Carlos Hernández and his wife Patricia Martínez would dump the bodies of their victims during their killing spree from 2012 to 2018.

Patricia would lure the victims, who were usually young women, before convincing them to go to her house to sell them products such as cheese, clothing or perfume.

The cannibal couple was convicted of raping, beheading and dismembering the bodies of up to 20 people in their bathroom before cooking some of their flesh in a chilli con carne.

The pair, who became known as the "Monsters of Ecatepec" reportedly fed their victims hearts to their pet dogs.

Then they would bag up their victim's remains before transporting them in a pram to a roadside spot on Playa Pie de la Cuesta.

The body bags can still be seen on Google Maps with police tape as some of the bags were laid on the curb and against the wall.

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TikTok users were terrified at the sight claiming it was making them feel sick.

One user said: "I just felt sick."

Another wrote: "This is actually kinda sad."

A third said: "There are dead bodies in that bag?!"

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Reports say the couple had previously been sentenced for human trafficking after selling the baby of one of their victims and the bones of at least one of the victims.

The cannibals have been received eight sentencing since May 2019 for multiple horrific crimes, leading their total jail time to have racked up to 654 years.

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