Bolsonaros allies concede defeat in triumph for Brazilian democracy

Coronavirus: Donald Trump meets with Jair Bolsonaro

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Lula da Silva’s victory in the 2022 Brazilian Presidential Election is a “resounding triumph” for democracy in the South American country, an expert has claimed. According to official figures, Da Silva received 50.9 percent of the vote, while sitting President Jair Bolsonaro trailed narrowly behind on 49.1 percent. Mr da Silva, who previously served as Brazil’s President from 2003 to 2010, responded to the results on social media.

In a post on Twitter, he simply said: “Democracy.”

However, commentators had warned that Mr Bolsonaro, who was known as “Donald Trump of the Tropics”, may refuse to accept the result of the election or stage a coup akin to the Capitol Hill riots in 2021.

Mr Bolsonaro even had a petition rejected by Brazil’s chief electoral justice Alexandre de Moraes after he demanded that alleged electoral irregularity be investigated.

Bolsonaro previously said: “One side – my side – has been really disadvantaged.”

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However, following the final debate on Friday, he added: “Whoever gets more votes, takes it. That’s democracy.”

Despite concerns about accepting the result, Mr Bolsonaro’s allies appear to have conceded that the Partido Liberal candidate failed in his re-election bid even if the outgoing President has so far remained muted.

Sao Paulo Federal Deputy Carla Zambelli said: “I will be the biggest opposition Lula ever imagined having.”

Silas Malafaia, a televangelist and Bolsonaro supporter, added: “The sovereign will of the people has established itself.”

The newly elected pro-Bolsonaro governor of São Paulo, Tarcísio de Freitas, also recognized Lula’s win, telling journalists: “The election result is sovereign.”

Another key ally, the lower house leader, Arthur Lira, said: “The will of the majority, expressed at the polls, should never be challenged.”

Responding to the democratic process in Brazil, Spiked columnist Tim Black lauded the most recent poll.

Mr Black wrote: “So, despite the hype, there have been no major Trump-style claims of a ‘stolen election’.

“And certainly no suggestion of an imminent armed insurrection or coup.

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“We shouldn’t be surprised. Talk of an armed takeover has always been a flight of fancy for those happier to be fighting imaginary fascists, whether in Brazil, the US or the UK, than real political opponents.

“Besides, Brazil’s military leaders had already let it be known they would not support any efforts to challenge the election results.”

He added: “This may be difficult to take coming from Bolsonaro, given his flirtations with anti-democratic and authoritarian positions over the past few years.

“But if the elections have proven anything it is this: Brazilian democracy is much stronger than many had led us to believe.”

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