Boy, 6, finds fossil 500 million years old while digging for worms in his garden

A six-year-old boy who was gifted a fossil hunting kit for Christmas discovered a little slice of history, dating back millions of years, in his back garden.

Siddak Singh Jhamat, known as Sid, said he was "digging for worms" and bits of “pottery and bricks” when he came across an unusual shaped rock.

He said the rock looked "a bit like a horn" and initially though it could be a “tooth or a claw or a horn.”

Sid’s father, Vish Singh, helped his little boy uncover the truth about the strangely shaped rock, which turned out to be “a piece of coral” daring back millions of years.

Sid told PA News Agency: "I was just digging for worms and things like pottery and bricks and I just came across this rock which looked a bit like a horn, and thought it could be a tooth or a claw or a horn.

"It was actually a piece of coral which is called horn coral.

"I was really excited about what it really was."

The six-year-old also discovered smaller pieces next to the coral, which spurred Sid on to go digging the next day.

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His father explains that when the pair went digging again, Sid found a "congealed block of sand" alongside "loads of little molluscs and sea shells."

Sid also discovered something called a "crinoid," his dad said, "which is like a tentacle" of a prehistoric squid.

Mr Singh was able to identify Sid's findings through a fossil identifying Facebook group he is a member of.

Someone in the group recognised the fossil's markings, and said it is most likely a Rugosa coral, estimated to be between 251 to 488 million years old.

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He said: "The period that they existed from was between 500 and 251 million years ago, the Paleozoic Era.

"England at the time was part of Pangea, a landmass of continents. England was all underwater as well… that’s quite significant expanse of time."

Mr Singh, who lives with his family and Sid in Walsall, said they plan to tell Birmingham University’s Museum of Geology about their discovery.

He said: "Lots and lots of people have commented on how amazing it is to find something in the back garden."

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