Boy considered mutilating his genitals to be ‘less attractive’ to teacher, 25

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A schoolboy considered mutilating his own genitals to appear less attractive to a teacher who had groomed him, a court has heard.

Schoolteacher Fay Mcrobbie has been jailed for starting a two-year sexual relationship with the 15-year-old boy.

The youngster was groomed by Mcrobbie before he decided to break off the relationship and be with someone his own age.

Mcrobbie was 25-years-old when she began an abusive relationship with the boy, and when the teen decided to leave she threatened to end her life in a letter.

In a shocking revelation, the court heard he was so desperate to end things with Mcrobbie, he considered harming himself.

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The victim said: "She would turn to me if she was feeling sad, I had started to distance myself from my friends and family.

"The relationship only got worse, arguments were getting more frequent and the reasons were getting more silly each time. I was becoming severely depressed as I could not speak to anyone, Fay was my only friend."

He also said the teacher was 'planning a future' for them.

And he continued: "Fay found out about my new girlfriend and she went crazy. She made it her mission to break us apart. At the time I would have done anything to get her away from me, I even considered genital mutilation – I thought if I had nothing there to interest her then she might leave me alone."

The "wholly inappropriate" relationship began while Mcrobbie was teaching at a school, reports Mirror Online.

The pupil, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told Reading Crown Court: "One day we were play-fighting when things took a turn and we kissed. Before this point I did not have any interest in girls, it was unexpected for me.

"Over the summer holidays we went to a friend's house, this was the first time we had sex. I felt I wanted to run away, I was very much not ready, it was the first time I was naked in front of someone else.

"I felt dirty, I could not stand the sight of myself in the mirror and I felt my innocence had been taken away."

After the relationship had turned sour, the victim later disclosed his secret to an employer who, with his permission, informed police.

Mcrobbie was arrested on May 16, 2019 and gave a "no comment" interview but later admitted three counts of causing a child to engage in sexual activity.

Defending the sobbing teacher, Robert Slinn said: "Fay is appalled by her actions. She has gained real insight into the lasting damage her behaviour has had on the victim. She knew it was damaging at the time but she was fatalistic in her own view.

"She was unable to view a future for herself, she was seeking validation. She knew that this relationship was, from the outset, a breach of trust and wholly wrong.

"Her relationship with the victim was, although wholly inappropriate, a genuine affection. Despite being completely misplaced, she believed she was in a relationship."

The court heard how at the time the teacher was a chronic suicide risk and "her arms still bear the scars from that period," the defence barrister added.

Judge Paul Dugdale said: "The victim was 10 years younger than you when you first got involved with him. It is clear from what I have read that he was a shy, somewhat vulnerable 15-year-old.

"There is no doubt that you groomed him. You specifically went out of your way to be nice to him."

And he added: "You were in a position of trust as his teacher and you treated him like your boyfriend. The sad part is that I have no doubt it was due to your own mental health issues that you did regard him as your boyfriend.

"You involved him in a full relationship, he was far too young and vulnerable to be in that state with anybody let alone an adult who is 10 years older than him. From what he told me, it is clear you placed a huge amount of emotional pressure on him, especially when he wanted to end the relationship."

Mcrobbie, of Wallingford, Oxfordshire, was jailed for two years and four months and will be subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for 10 years.

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