Boy hit by a stockcar spring in ‘freak accident’ at Meeanee Speedway recovering

A boy hit by a spring that flew off a stockcar and into the crowd in a “freak accident” at the Meeanee Speedway on Saturday night is recovering well.

An investigation has been launched into the incident during Saturday night’s racing, which included the first demolition derby of the 2020/2021 season, the Hawke’s Bay Streetstock Championships and races for in the saloon, superstock, stockcar and ministock classes.

Young speedway fan Maddox Lui was taken to Hawke’s Bay Hospital in a St John ambulance with concussion after being hit by the spring while watching the action.

He is now out of hospital and has a few bruises and a headache, his father Shane Lui told the Hawke’s Bay Today.

“Maddox is recovering well, just a few bumps and bruises on his face,” the father said.

“He’s enjoying all the treats and special attention from family and friends.”

He said Meeanee Speedway officials visited Maddox on Sunday and gave him a get-well parcel, adding it was a thoughtful gesture.

Lui said the family are thankful that Maddox was looked after well on-site by the people he went with and an off-duty nurse who saw what happened, as they weren’t with him on Saturday night.

“There are so many genuinely caring people in our community and we thank you,” he said.

Meeanee Speedway Promotions said in a statement it was working with Speedway New Zealand following a report of an incident at the event.

“All incidents reported to us are fully investigated to ensure, in the context of our sport, all reasonably practical steps are taken to minimise risks to both competitors, in-field staff and the public, we are unable to provide further comment until such time as our investigations into the incident and appropriate processes are completed,” the statement read.

The speedway declined to comment further.

Lui said he hoped the incident would not be used to prevent people enjoying the speedway in the future.

“We could not expect this to happen last night, nor do we blame anyone for the accident,” he said.

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