Boy racer crash destroys fence: Trail of debris left behind as driver flees scene in Trentham, Upper Hutt

A fence is now destined for the wood box after an alleged boy racer incident ended with a vehicle leaving a path of destruction – and bits of itself – in suburban Upper Hutt early this morning.

Wallaceville woman Johanne Greally’s family own the block of Islington St, Trentham, flats where the fence – which separates the flats from the neighbouring Trentham Masonic Centre and carpark – was destroyed.

The driver of the vehicle involved didn’t stop following the crash, said Greally, who posted photos of the aftermath to her local Facebook page seeking information.

The occupants of the flats, which included her daughter-in-law, were fortunately not hurt in the incident around 2am, with none of the buildings struck, Greally said.

But they all got a “huge fright”.

“It was a huge bang. They all woke up and went outside … the fence is just gone, it’s in little pieces.”

She understood the vehicle involved had been doing “wheelies” in the centre carpark before the crash.

Her daughter-in-law saw a vehicle leaving, but couldn’t make out any identifying details.

But they all had a fairly good idea of its colour and make – among the debris left behind are several car parts, including red panelling and the Honda emblem, Greally said.

“It’s pretty obvious it’s a red Honda. Goodness knows how they managed to drive away, with bits missing.”

The family are insured and she plans to report the incident to police – once she gets her 8-year-old grandchild’s birthday party out of the way, Greally said.

“I’m hoping to squeeze the police in later today.”

A message has also been left with the Masonic Centre.

The destroyed fence, meanwhile, was destined for the fireplace, Greally said.

“It’ll make really good kindling.”

As for the actions of the Honda’s driver, in destroying the fence and then fleeing the scene, the mother-of-five and grandmother-of-12 was nonplussed.

“I have a lot of children, I’ve seen it all. Nothing shocks me.”

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