Brave dog chases off leopard as it tries to get into owners house

India: CCTV captures a brave dog scaring away a leopard

A wild leopard has been fought off by a brave pet dog, guarding the entrance of a residential home in India’s Maharashtra state with the whole encounter being captured on CCTV.

In the footage there is a face off between the two animals, and the big cat is seen on the prowl and creeps towards the entrance of the house before it encounters the dog in the corner and is surprised by its presence.

The dog quickly stands on all fours and begins to aggressively bark loudly to prevent the big cat from edging closer.

The leopard then becomes scared and runs away into the darkness. 

The encounter took place in Rahuri Taluka, which is in the Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra – where the climate is generally hot and dry, a perfect condition for a leopard.

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According to a research study in 2014 by Athreya et al a “widespread occurrence of leopards across India” has been documented in the Ahmednagar district of western Maharashtra.

Looking into a DNA analysis, the study found Leopard droppings very close to residential homes. Many droppings were found on paved roads close to human habitats. The distance from the droppings to houses would range from 10 to 850 metres, suggesting that the wild animal do venture into residential areas.

The study also found that “dogs are an important food resource” for leopards as they are frequently found in the Maharashtra state.

They also compared goats to dogs as a food resource for the wild cats, stating “goats are less accessible” than dogs, being actively herded throughout the day and enclosed in sheds at night.

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In a similar hero dog incident in January this year, a leopard was caught on camera attacking a pet dog in the city Ramnagar, in the state of Karnataka. The entire incident was recorded on a CCTV camera installed in the area.

In this incident, the dog retaliates, bites and defends itself, and the wild cat is scared off, yet again.

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