Bravo Boris! PM praised as Frances anti-Macron camp grows

Coronavirus in UK 'gives grounds for hope' says Nabarro

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On Wednesday, the Prime Minister revealed key coronavirus restrictions would no longer be followed in England from January 20. Mr Johnson announced the end of mandates on working from home and wearing face coverings and indicated legal requirements on self-isolation for Covid-positive people could lapse in weeks to come.

While the Prime Minister is facing mounting pressure to resign from within his own party, politicians in France have praised his decision to end Covid restrictions.

Senator Alain Houpert tweeted: “‘England crumbles in order, France gets up in disorder’ Winston Churchill.”

Florian Philippot, a candidate in the French 2022 presidential election, added: “End of the very few Covid restrictions that still existed in England!

“Bravo Boris Johnson, the anti-Macron!

“In France, the constitutional council must stop the Vaccine Pass.

“It not longer has a choice!”

Earlier this month, French MPs approved a new Covid vaccine pass after three days of debate.

This week, the French parliament gave final approval to the government’s latest measures to tackle the pandemic.

Lawmakers in the lower house of parliament voted 215 in favour to 58 against on Sunday.

Unvaccinated people can enter such places with the results of a recent negative Covid-19 test.

Nearly 78 percent of the population is fully vaccinated, according to the health ministry on Saturday.

Mr Macron told Le Parisien this month he wanted to “p*** off” unvaccinated people by making their lives complicated that they would end up getting a vaccine.

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In the UK, the Government will be dismantling the Plan B restrictions that have been in place since December.

Mr Johnson said: “From tomorrow, we will no longer require face masks in classrooms.”

From January 26, face masks will no longer be mandatory anywhere.

Mr Johnson also announced the end of working from home, and axed vaccine passports, while setting a date for the end of self-isolation as a legal requirement.

Mr Johnson told the House of Commons he is acting on advice from scientific advisors that the Omicron wave appears to have peaked.

He said while the Government will no longer mandate on facemasks, the public “must continue to remain cautious”.

The Prime Minister added organisations can choose to use the Covid Pass voluntarily, but it will no longer be mandatory.

Mr Johnson also announced following reducing the self-isolation period for a positive Covid test down to five days, he will seek to scrap this legal requirement altogether.

He said: “On Monday we reduced the isolation period to five full days with two negative tests.

“And there will soon come a time when we can remove the legal requirement to self-isolate altogether – just as we don’t place legal obligations on people to isolate if they have flu.

“As Covid becomes endemic we will need to replace legal requirements with advice and guidance urging people with the virus to be careful and considerate of others.

“The self-isolation regulations expire on 24th March, at which point I very much expect not to renew them.

“Indeed were the data to allow, I would like to seek a vote in this House to bring that date forwards.”

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega

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