Brawl breaks out during Barbie screening as gran hurls woman to floor

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    Barbie fans have been filmed scrapping inside a cinema after a screening of the smash hit film.

    The heated moment horrified moviegoers as the two women argued during the Barbie movie credits in a theatre in Brazil on Monday, July 24.

    The altercation started after the woman in a pink cropped jacket complained about a child playing YouTube videos during the Greta Gerwig movie.

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    In a now-deleted viral video, she can be seen standing in the aisle and shouting at the child's grandmother from a few rows further down the theatre.

    The gran, in pink trousers, can be seen walking up to her and the pair continued to argue while other Barbie fans watched from their seats.

    The woman pushed the gran, who then returned with a strong shove, slamming her to the floor.

    A man in a white top quickly intervened and stood between the two women.

    Sophia Ferreira, who filmed and shared the video on TikTok, wrote in the post: "I went to watch the Barbie movie and this happened."

    Some viewers found it hilarious that the background was playing a calm song by Billie Eilish while the two women saw red and hit on each other.

    One commented: "She lucky she confronted her at the end, cuz I would’ve went out and got a manager to escort her out."

    "The worst thing is to see others laughing without helping the girl," said a second person.

    The victim, named in Brazilian media as Melissa Caroline, reportedly took to social media to explain her side of the story, saying that she was attacked by a woman who was unhappy that the young girl had made noise throughout the film.

    Melissa defended: "The film is playing and the child opens YouTube next to me, just in time for Billie's song.

    "I complained about it to her mother, and the others around started calling me a slacker, a slut, and making derogatory remarks."

    She reportedly called the police over the matter, adding: "I simply said that the film's age limit was 12 and that she shouldn't be there.

    "And I said out loud: 'Ask your mother what a sugar daddy is, because that's what it says in the movie."

    She also said she "just wanted to watch my movie in peace", adding: "I didn't look for a fight with anyone, I didn't raise my voice with anyone.

    "They simply took a child who didn't behave to the cinema, but from the grandmother's attitude, you can already imagine why. At no time was I rude to the child. I just said she wasn't in her home."

    The candy-coloured Barbie has set a record as this summer's highest-selling movie, beating Christopher Nolan's biopic of "father of the atomic bomb", Oppenheimer.

    The pink, plastic and fantastic movie features Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken.

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