Brazen lag smuggles sex worker into prison in jaw-dropping security breach

A jailbird has sparked a major inquiry after pictures emerged of a woman he had smuggled inside – thought to be a sex worker – posing in his cell at Hollesley Bay prison in Suffolk

HMP Hollesley Bay, known to locals as The Colony, is a Category D, or open prison. Hollesley Bay’s easygoing routine has earned it the nickname “Holiday Bay”.

In the photo apparently taken in one of its cells the woman is lying face-down on the bed wearing just a sports bra and a pair of translucent panties.

The photo was apparently taken on a mobile phone, which would also not have been allowed in jail.

The inmate responsible, who is reportedly serving time for drugs offences, has now been transferred into a more secure institution while police investigate the claims.

A source from inside Hollesley Bay, told The Sun : “It shows what a joke the security is there.

“You’ve got a serving prisoner bringing a girl into jail, then bragging about it on an illegal mobile to all his mates. "

They added that the young woman in the photo "put herself at serious risk of harm. She went into a prison full of sex-starved men, some of them serving time for violent and sexual offences.

“She could have easily been attacked before staff knew she was even there.”

They added that the woman was unlikely to just be the inmate’s girlfriend or partner and was widely believed to be “a working girl”.

A spokesperson for the Prison Service said: “This behaviour is unacceptable and the offender has been punished. An investigation is underway and additional security measures have been put in place.”

Labour MP Andy Slaughter, a member of the Commons Justice Select Committee,said that open prisons “are meant to be places of rehabilitation, not for people to live the life of Riley.

He added: “This is an extraordinary breach and breakdown of security.”

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