Brit danger tourist held captive by Taliban for four months breaks silence

A British 'danger tourist' with a penchant for visiting dangerous locations has finally broken his silence after being held captive by the Taliban for over four months.

Miles Routledge, a former uni student from Birmingham, styled himself as an explorer and journalist and set off to visit locations in turmoil like Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Pakistan and several visits to Afghanistan.

Routledge, a devout Christian, was one of three Brits recently captured by the Taliban, despite having previously boasted of being pals with the group.

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And despite the strange friendship, Routledge hadn't been heard from since early April, until last night (July 17) when a friend using his Twitter account offered an update on his wellbeing.

"He's treated very well, has several servants, loads of movies on his laptop, goes on picnics and has tea with the Taliban cabinet gov," the wrote, adding: "He still loves Afghanistan."

The apparent friend added: "He speaks like he's on holiday. He's sunbathing, playing TF2, writing his 2nd book, reading T.E Lawrence, exercising, has chocolates and cake etc.

"He’s made friends with the Taliban he’s with, he says he’s been invited to some weddings."

The unknown friend added that Routledge could be free "in a month or two".

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They went on: "From what we've heard, he's having fun and the Taliban are very kind and fair. Lord Miles will have excellent, positive stories to tell upon returning home, stating 'I haven’t been this relaxed in years, lovely to get away from it all'."

The friend added furthermore that Miles is planning his next few trips, and he intends to hike the length of the mountainous Wakhan Corridor on "his next visit to Afghanistan".

The corridor is a narrow strip of territory in Afghanistan, extending to Xinjiang in China and separating Tajikistan in the north from the northern areas of Pakistan in the south.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman previously confirmed that the government is negotiating the release of Routledge and another two British men, charity medic Kevin Cornwell and an unnamed hotel manager.

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