Brit gran mauled to death by starving stray pit bull Choccy in Spanish villa

A Brit gran has been killed by a starving stray pit bull after she took it into her holiday home.

Anne Shields, 67, was mauled by the dog named Choccy and suffered “catastrophic” injuries to her head and arms.

Her neighbours in Macastre, near Valencia, Spain, heard her screams and raised the alarm as the pit bull attacked.

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Police were forced to shoot the animal so medics could reach the mum-of-one, but despite their best efforts she tragically died the following day in hospital.

Anne's daughter Sarah, 43 and from Preston, said her mum's intention was never to keep Choccy, but she was forced to as all the local animal shelters were full.

She described her mum as an "animal lover" who simply wasn't able to cast the pit bull back out onto the streets.

“She was looking after him until she found someone who could take him," Sarah told The Sun.

“She stuck with him and then this happened. It’s a nightmare. She was so caring. This hasn’t really sunk in. We’ll miss her so much.”

Anne, a former security guard, bought her home in Spain with husband Martyn in 2002, although he sadly passed away 18 months after.

Pit bulls are one of four dog breeds banned in the UK, joining the Japanese Tosa, the Dogo Argentino and the Fila Brasileiro on the list of pooches deemed too dangerous.

Pit bulls are not a banned breed in Spain.

Owning a banned breed in the UK can lead to an unlimited fine, up to six months behind bars, or both. Dogs proven to be a banned breed are also destroyed.

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