Brit ISIS terrorist stuck in Syria feels ‘abandoned’ and wants to come home

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A Brit ISIS terrorist who is stuck in a Syrian jail says he feels "abandoned by the UK".

Aseel Muthana, from Cardiff, followed his brother out to the terror group's HQ in Raqqa in 2013, but now wants to come home.

He denied using his social media accounts to drum up support for the organisation, blaming his brother Nasser who was killed by a drone strike in February 2016.

Muthana also denied witnessing any of the horrors perpetrated by the regime, but said he'd "stopped having an opinion" on ISIS killing innocent people in an exclusive interview with the Daily Mirror.

However, he appeared to contradict his own claims he hadn't been involved in violence, saying he had a right to be "rehabilitated".

He said: "I feel abandoned by the UK. I have human rights. I should be rehabilitated.

"I mean, okay, let’s say I was a criminal – you can’t just leave me. It’s normal – for human rights. Even if I was a criminal I should be rehabilitated. Have some sort of contact with my family, my country."

Aseel Muthana's brother Nasser travelled to Raqqa from the family home in Butetowm, Cardiff, in early 2013. By the end of year Aseel, aged 17 at the time, had joined him.

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Despite his brother's death, he stayed with the group until its final defeat by western-backed Syrian Democratic Forces last year.

Aseel Muthana said "of course you're going to feel bad" when you see murders and beheadings before showing how disappointed he was to miss some executions.

Asked about victims hurled from rooftops he said: "I wanted to like, I guess, witness it. It’s curiosity killed the cat. I have never seen that. It happened near my house one time and I was told by someone 'you missed it' and I like was arrgh, the guy being thrown off.

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"I was always being told 'you just missed this and you missed that'. I was like arrgh. I was like everyone’s watching it."

Aseel also expressed disappointment at having "just missed" the crucifixion of six "spies" – though he did see their bodies hanging on posts on a roundabout shortly after. He continued to assert that he "always just missed" the moments of horror.

Muthana denied he had posted on social media he was "100% pro" the brutality used by ISIS, claiming "jihad is obligatory" and he was "willing to die", saying the account was shared and blaming dead Nasser for the posts.

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He also denied he was a well-known ISIS recruiter and fighter before claiming his brother would back him up.

He said: "He would take the blame and say, 'I got you into this'. He was saying on Twitter, 'Yeah, come and join ISIS, live under Sharia law, enjoy life with no fear'."

Aseel said Nasser’s death released him from his obligation towards ISIS, explaining: "That source that was feeding me was now pretty much cut off. From then I wanted to go back to the UK."

Asked what he would do if presented with witnesses who had seen him fighting, Aseel laughed and said: "I would say, 'Bring them to me'."

His father Ahmed has called for him to be repatriated to the UK to be jailed, deradicalised and rehabilitated.

He also dismissed the idea Aseel was under the influence of Nasser, saying: "No, different minds, they are different. They dreamed of being in that country, but who guided them to there?"

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