Brit OnlyFans star earns £250k per year by farting in jars for creepy fans

Britain's top Bengali adult star has told how she's constantly inundated with weird request from fans who want her to “fart in jars” – and she's earning around £250,000 per year from it.

Yasmina Khan is in the top 0.3% of creators on Only Fans, and is the most popular Bengali creator in the UK.

She also has around 300k followers on Twitter, which means she has a lot of fans.

And some of those fans have odd requests for the star.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, she said: “I get them almost every day.

“I get people asking me to fart in jars, p**s in pots and send it them, and they've even asked for toenails.

“I always get asked to sell pants and bras.

“I recently got asked to p**s in my leggings and post it to someone.

“I said no, and he said 'what's wrong with British girls, American girls would this – they're freaky, unlike British girl”.

She did not, however, confirm or deny whether or not she does actually fart in jars.

Yasmina has only Only Fans for the best part of three years, and has posted more than 1,100 times during that period.

And she admits to bringing in around £20-£25k per month – which has seen her save up nearly £100k to buy a new house, too.

The Essex-native, who comes from a Bangladeshi family, has seen her income threatened by footage being leaked online but rather than seeing that as an issue, she has embraced the leaks.

She explained: “My content gets leaked probably about 1000 times a day – I'm not even exaggerating, either.

“I had a legal team who would look for the content and it would come up as over 1000 new websites and content every single day.

“So it'll be like, yeah, all these dodgy websites they'll have to get rid – and that's not including WhatsApp, Telegram and Reddit.

“Because I put so much on my social media for free, being nice and generous, you know, people will just take advantage of it, so I'm leaked everywhere.

“But actually, it's very good promotion, because at first when my stuff would get leaked, I would sit crying because that was my hard f***ing work just on a website for free.

“People don't realise how long it takes to do a sex tape, and don't realise how much money goes into sex tape, so I'd get upset about it.

“But then I realised I actually get people finding me on these websites, and they subscribe to me.

“I probably gain more subscribers from finding me on leaks websites than I do on social media – so I'm like, it's a win win.

“I am going to be leaked and I do have a legal team now, but I tell them to just slow down because I've gained a lot of traffic from it, and when they get rid of most things online, I lose lose out on subscribers.”

But with the leaks and recent Only Fans threats to have all adult work removed from the site, Yasmina could have seen her career go up in smoke.

It's worth nothing that the 25-year-old has her head screwed on, and does plan on opening two more businesses by the end of this year – one will be a nail or beauty salon, and the other will be, she hopes, a sandwich toastie restaurant as she is a huge foodie.

But should she stick with the adult work route, and Only Fans does go back on its word to remove all adult work from the site, how would she feel?

She said: “The website is a shambles and I can 100% guarantee that they will remove adult content again.

“It probably breaks down five times a day, nothing's working properly, the messages aren't working properly.

“I'm losing people's tips, I'm losing people's messages – it's a multi-million dollar company and the website is f***ing s**t.

“They are going to get rid of us and that's why you should always have a backup plan.

“They can get rid of your account the next day if they wanted to.

“I know so many girls have lost their accounts for no reason whatsoever.”

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