Brit teacher in coma stranded in China after migraine treatment goes wrong

A Brit teacher is stuck in Shanghai after being put into a coma nine months ago following migraine treatments which went horribly wrong.

Emma Grainger slumped into unconsciousness after reacting badly to vital hydrocortisone injections in China last February.

Now her partner is mounting a desperate attempt to bring her home, Birmingham Live reports.

Adrian Casey said his girlfriend's medical bill is nearing £200,000 – with Emma charged for a glass of water and for a haircut before a life-saving operation.

Coronavirus measures have prevented Adrian from being able to visit Emma or bring her home.

Mr Casey added: "They’d rather she died."

The couple moved to Birmingham from Bridgnorth, Shropshire, to take teaching jobs in 2019.

Adrian has launched his own legal effort against the mystery-shrouded hospital, but the paperwork is immense.

Never mind the cost of Emma's treatments, which amount to a punishing £1,650 a day.

Emma was even charged £6 for her head to be shaved before a key op.

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And for an able-bodied person, a one-way flight to Shanghai is around £3,000.

Because of Ms Grainger's medical equipment and supervision, that figure is likely to be much, much higher.

Adrian added: “I think £20,000 is a conservative figure."

He also said the emotional toll of not seeing Emma for this long is almost unbearable.

Mr Casey explained: “I can’t physically hold her hand and speak to her, which is pretty distressing.

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“The prognosis is not good – they said this might be it forever, but she is stable.

"Her eyes are open, but there is no cognitive response. She is clinically in a coma.

“I am not a surgeon, I am only going on what I’ve been told. The long term is not positive. She is not at risk of death.

“If I give up hope, what is there left? I am the only hope she has."

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Brave Adrian has dedicated his life to bringing Emma home, with even the British Embassy not providing much help as they haven't declared the situation an emergency.

Ms Grainger had medical insurance when she arrived in China, but it capped the cost of treatment at £11k.

Without coronavirus, that might have been a realistic sum for the hydrocortisone injections and the treatment she has needed since.

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Adrian added: “I get the impression everyone else wishes she would die because it would make life easier. They wouldn’t have the financial burden then.

“I know that sounds horrible, but it is my personal feeling. I feel I’m the only one who wants a positive outcome."

A GoFundMe page set up for Emma has raised more than £7,500 in just a few months.

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