Brit tells wife he’s birdwatching but travels to take on Putins troops instead

A British Army veteran told his wife he was going birdwatching but instead travelled to Ukraine to help them in their fight against the Russians.

The unnamed man from the Wirral, served as a sniper in the British Army for a decade before retiring.

He flew into Poland and crossed into Ukraine on foot from the village of Medyka along the border.

The Brit, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the Sun: “She’s going to freak out when I tell her where I am. I’ll ring her when I’m in Ukraine and explain.”

He added: “The Ukrainian army is being overwhelmed. I think people should, if they can, come and support them in their hour of need.

“This is something I had to do. We’re facing a modern-day Adolf Hitler who’s on the rampage and he has to be stopped.

“I’ve paid off the mortgage, my two kids are grown up. I’ve done what I was supposed to do as a husband and father.

“I’ve got my scope with me and my binoculars.

“The Ukrainians need experience and I’ve got that. I couldn’t sit back and watch this unfold. I can help with my background. If I don’t come back, then so be it.”

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Earlier this week, another British Army veteran flew out to Ukraine to help them in their struggle.

Joe Stirling, a former squaddie from Edinburgh is taking two weeks’ holiday from his job as a support worker for adults with autism and learning disabilities to travel out to Ukraine.

He will be handed an AK47 and a set of basic body armour and sent to the front line.

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