British Columbians can now extend expiring driver’s licence over the phone

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is allowing British Columbians to extend their expiring driver’s licence remotely.

Customers looking to renew their driver’s licence can call ICBC’s Driver Licensing Call Centre and extend their licence over the phone.

Drivers will be mailed an interim paper licence valid for 90 days. Routine renewals, reinstatement of a licence, and the replacement of a lost licence are eligible for the extension.

The public insurer is not allowing expiring BC Services Cards and BC Identification Cards to be renewed over the phone. ICBC is monitoring the situation and will determine whether the 90-day period needs to be extended further.

ICBC cannot renew a licence over the phone because of the requirement for a new driver’s licence photo.

The public insurer and the Insurance Brokers of British Columbia announced last week that drivers could renew insurance over the phone or email with a broker.

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