Britons furious as Spain bans AstraZeneca vaccine for over-55s ‘Rip up contract now!’

UK ‘is correct’ in AstraZeneca vaccine ruling says expert

Spain’s country’s health chiefs have authorised the use of the drug to inoculate people aged between 18 and 55. However, they followed France, Germany, Italy and Austria in imposing age restrictions.

Now, users have lashed out at the EU with one person saying history will “not judge the EU kindly” following the vaccine rollout.

Another person accused the Spanish government of putting “EU unity” before the people.

They said: “The poor people of Spain.

“This is what happens when your government puts EU unity before you.

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“Astra is used around the world in 50 countries.

“It is providing strong anti-bodies in all age groups, is potent against the UK strain and prevents 75 percent spreading. Good luck.”

Another person added: “More Oxford jabs for us British then. No loss.”

A fourth reader commented: “Another EU snub to the UK – we have our vaccines thanks – where are yours coming from Spain?

“Has Ursula told you where your vaccines are coming from? And when?

“Wave goodbye to your tourism!”

One claimed the Spanish government did not approve the vaccine as they “haven’t got enough”.

They said: “I was right. They haven’t got enough vaccine so they are conspiring to pretend it’s no good for old people so they can give it the workers and they are ignoring those retired, old and vulnerable.

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“It’s the only way they can hide the fact they messed up.

“The evil EU showing its true colours.”

A sixth reader said: “Funny how it’s EU countries ‘banning’ the AZ vaccine, even though EMA approves it.

“Wonder if there’s anything political about these decisions.”

Another person said: “What a bunch of pathetic children the EU are!

“They are all ganging up on AZ to try and give themselves credibility.

“AZ should rip up the contract with the EU stating the EU breached the contract by showing it to the world. Then tell them to swing.”

Spain’s decision came hours after UK drugs regulators received extra trial data from AstraZeneca which supports their view the vaccine is effective in the elderly.

Nearly three quarters of Spaniards are willing to receive a shot as soon as one becomes available, according to a poll by the Centre for Sociological Studies.

The AstraZeneca vaccine was approved for use in the UK back in December and to date more than 10,000,000 people have been given their first dose of a vaccine.

More than 500,000 have received their second dose of a coronavirus vaccine.

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