Brits braced for hurricane-force winds as Atlantic storm set to whip up chaos

The UK is bracing for a storm with hurricane-like winds, according to Met Office weather warnings.

Forecasters have warned of fierce gales heading our way. Low pressure areas will bring wet and windy conditions over the next few days, replacing the recent cold snap that blanketed parts of the country in snow and ice.

Ventusky's weather maps show wind speeds reaching up to 140km/h (86mph) in some northern areas on Thursday as a vortex formation sweeps in from the Atlantic. Heavy rain is also expected in the west of the UK over the next few days, falling on already saturated ground.

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The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for rain across all four home nations today, indicating likely disruption.

Chief Forecaster, Neil Armstrong, said: "After a relatively calm day on Wednesday, wet and windy weather will move in from the west on Wednesday night. Low pressure will drive several days of unsettled conditions with heavy rainfall the main concern.

"We have issued a number of severe weather warnings for rain across the UK, as much as 80mm of rain could fall in some areas of the west, particularly higher ground. Higher ground in eastern Scotland could even see up to 100mm of rain. Our warnings are likely to be updated so keep up to date with the Met Office forecast.

"The rain will be falling on already very wet ground and where there is still lying snow in the northwest of England and parts of Scotland, snow melt will exacerbate the risk of flooding. It is important to check for flood warnings in your area issued by your local environment agency."

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Kate Marks, flood duty manager at the Environment Agency, warned: "Significant river and surface water flooding impacts are possible in parts of the South West of England on Thursday and Friday, with minor impacts also probable elsewhere in the country. We advise people to stay away from swollen rivers and urge people not to drive through flood water as just 30cm of flowing water is enough to move your car."

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