Brits to face 12 days of deep snow as maps show blizzard hitting next week

The UK is to be engulfed with deep snow for 12 days as artic blizzard set to hit Britain.

According to charts, snow is due to fall across north England and south Scotland before moving south starting on Thursday next week.

Early charts show there could be as much as 30cm of snow in parts of Wales and the Midlands.

Meteorologist James Madden, from Exacta Weather, said: “Snow could arrive as early as Christmas Eve in parts of the south.

“Further snow is likely during the latter part of Christmas Day and on Boxing Day.”

Brits could experience their first White Christmas in a decade, forecasters say.

According to the Met Office, the definition of a White Christmas is when one snowflake is observed falling within the 24 hours of December 25 anywhere in the UK.

The UK has currently been experiencing warmer than normal temperatures for the time of year.

WXCharts map show temperatures dramatically dropping and where snow is predicted to fall.

The maps show most of the country covered in snow on Christmas Eve as temperatures plummet to as low as -1C.

Madden added: “Temperatures could also dip as low as -10C in the coldest and iciest areas over the festive period.”

Jim Dale, of British Weather Services, said: "A White Christmas is definitely on.

“It will get colder through next week as high pressure breaks down and a system coming in on Christmas Eve clashes with cold conditions and brings snow.

"There is a chance of snow any time in any place."

In the past six years there have been four white Christmases.

Met Office meteorologist Greg Dewhurst said: “We’ve had a few days of settled weather, we’ve been above average. From Wednesday onwards, lower pressure is moving in.

"For the Christmas period, it turns more unsettled and there is a risk of rain and snow.

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