Brussels sprouts shaped cannabis lollipops being flogged on UK streets

Drugs masquerading as Brussel sprouts have been found freely available on British streets.

Dorset Police seized the vegetable-shaped cannabis lollies after they were found to be circulating the streets of Bournemouth.

Informing the public of the discovery, via a Facebook post made by Bournemouth Police, they said the “sweets” could be harmful if found by children.

A spokesman said: “Some Cannabis lollies removed from circulation by North Bournemouth NPT today.

“These can be harmful if located by kids who can mistake these for genuine lollies.”

The Facebook post caused consternation among those commenting on it.

Ellz Clark wrote: “Much rather you were taking actual harmful drugs of the streets like crack & heroin.”

And Stephen Porter added: “Pathetic, seriously go catch some criminals not hippies.”

But, on the lighter side, Amy Lashmar asked: “Anyone else think they were sprouts before reading?”

That observation was supported by man.

Michaela Goad wrote: “At first glance, I thought they were sprouts on sticks!”

And Kare Hines suggested a seasonal use for the items.

She joked: “I thought they looked like fun stocking fillers until I read what they were!

“Obviously not stocking fillers or appropriate at all!”

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According to Government statistics for England and Wales, 345 children were admitted to hospital with cannabis poisoning in 2019-20 – compared to 130 in 2012/13, while 868 youngsters went to hospital for mental issues triggered by drugs in 2019/20 – more than double the 344 who did 10 years earlier.

In a similar vein, it was reported by the Daily Mail earlier this month that researches have figured out what gives cannabis its Brussel sprout-like “skunk-y” smell.

A team from California found that a substance, known as volatile Sulphur compound is what gives it the smell.

These are also found in potent vegetables, such as onions, cabbage, broccoli and…sprouts.

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