Bungling smuggler tries to sneak £4k of gold through customs – in his teeth

A traveller was caught trying to smuggle £4,000-worth of solid gold – in his mouth.

A man of Uzbek nationality travelled from Dubai to Delhi and was found to be carrying 95g of gold moulded into a set of dentures.

He had also crammed a scrunched-up gold chain into the back of his throat.

Customs agents grew suspicious of a pair of arrivals as they strolled toward the 'Nothing to declare' exit of Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi.

When they pulled him aside to conduct a search, they opened his mouth to reveal the incriminating loot.

The total weight hidden inside the man's mouth was estimated to be almost a kilo.

Police in Delhi tweeted out a warning to anyone else trying to pull the same stunt.

Earlier this year a man was busted at Manchester Airport for trying to smuggle £1k of drugs to a Marbella stag do.

Alexander Birch was caught with a huge stash of cocaine, ecstasy and ketamine for him and his pals.

Luckily for Birch, he got off with only a suspended sentence.

A pair of barbers who hid almost £300k of gold under their wigs weren't so lucky, however.

They were caught at Chennai International Airport, India, last year in a failed hair-raising attempt to sneak lucrative amounts of the precious metal into the country.

Yet officials soon discovered the pair's wigs were concealing more than just their bald heads.

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Underneath the toupees were two gold paste packets weighing 698 grams.

A strip search by customs officials then found gold from the suspects' socks and rectum.

Another man on the same flight was also arrested and found to have three bundles of gold paste weighing 622g hidden in his rectum.

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